IMEX 2019 - Day 2

8 WEDNESDAY , SEPT. 11, 2019 | IMEX AMERICA SHOW DAILY IMEXAMERICA.COM Who’s Here Kristi Mirocha Owner JOURNEYS & GATHERINGS Elm Grove (Milwaukee), Wisconsin How many years have you attended IMEX America, or is this your first time? Three or four times, not consecutively. Why are you attending? With a changing customer base, I need to meet different types of suppliers. What is the best vacation you have ever been on? I’ve been to Scotland and Ireland multiple times. I love the people and culture there. What is your favorite holiday? Independence Day because it’s a day for celebrating our magnificent country. Dogs or cats? I like them both equally but I’m not a pet owner. What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? For work, I’m working on creative incentive trips in unusual places. For hobbies, I’m restoring vintage cars and creating unique fiber pieces (quilts, totes and décor). What’s your one must-do while you’re in Vegas? Avoid the chaos. Chill out with old friends and new. M eetology® creator Jonathan Bradshaw has announced an additional product for organizers of major business events. Designed to transform the performance of attendees by equipping them with the skills to better connect, interact and communicate, the business has launched Meetology® Minutes. These short, Adding power to events with behavioral science professionally filmed videos each contain a bite-sized nugget of behavioral science as well as a call to action from the organizer. Complementing the business’s keynote session and one-day masterclass, Meetology® Minutes are designed to be shared by the organizer leading up to the event to drive pre-event engagement and registration while delivering practical, science-based behavioral insights. “With face-to-face interaction powering the success of global business events, we’re excited to add a third product through which to deliver the subject of Meetology® and empower attendees with the behavioral skills they need to thrive on site,” said Bradshaw. >> L aughing out loud — or LOL as it appears in texts — is good medicine for the soul. As it turns out, it’s a good tool for meetings, too. Sarah Routman of Laugh for the Health of It, LLC had everyone in full belly laugh mode during Tuesday’s session, “IfYou Have Nothing to Laugh About, Laugh on Credit.” Even if you can’t find something to laugh about, her “laugh on credit” advice encourages you to force a giggle. “Your body doesn’t know the difference between laughing as a response to something funny and just laughing on purpose,” Routman said. “Let your inhibitions go. Put your inner critic under your chair and be as childlike as you can. Even though life doesn’t always hand you a bowl of cherries, you can still have joy.” Laughter causes your body to release hormones and chemicals that relieve stress, Just laugh … it’s good for you! she said. It has other benefits, as well. For example, 15 minutes of belly laughs each day is the equivalent of a daily 50-calorie reduction or four pounds annually. This was no ordinary session. Routman had everyone on their toes during her 30-minute presentation, clapping, shouting and connecting with other attendees for comic relief. Even the most jaded of the crowd had succumbed to Routman’s silly antics and exercises in humor. Laughing is the perfect professional tool, she said. Are you stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted? Creating deep laughter not only guarantees to massage your organs and get your blood flowing, it provides a much needed conference break, too. “Conference attendees can find themselves overwhelmed with so much information available in such a short period of time,” she said. “Taking a break to clear your head and get re-energized can make for a more productive experience.” Routman, who leads a free conference call every Monday morning to start the week laughing, has created four laughter-themed coloring books and a laughter planner. “Charlie Chaplin said a day without laughter is a day wasted, and I couldn’t agree more,” she said. Speaker Sarah Routman practices what she preaches. Jonathan Bradshaw introduces Meetology® Minutes, designed to spark pre-event engagement.