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©2021 Olympus America Inc. Registered Trademark of Olympus or its affi l iates. I I OAIGI0721AD41818 Implantation of the iTind device may cause urinary urgency, pelvic discomfort, dysuria or hematuria. In rare cases, iTind may cause urinary tract infection or acute urinary retention. *Data on fi le iTind ™ —Reshaping BPH Treatment The iTind is a temporarily implanted nitinol device that reshapes the prostatic urethra and bladder neck to deliver rapid and long-lasting relief of BPH symptoms, all without heating prostatic tissue or a permanent implant.* iTind can be placed in an office or outpatient setting using a slim rigid or flexible cystoscope. Through ischemic pressure and subsequent tissue necrosis, the iTind struts create three deep longitudinal channels to allow for better urine flow. Patients are able to return home during the 5-7 day treatment, at the end of which the device is completely removed. To Learn More, Visit Booth 2010 1 2 3 Implantation Removal Treatment Period (5 to 7 days) How iTind works: